Growth of our little ones is our common future.

Welcome to PEEC – Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre

We offer professional support and assistance to people in need. We organise courses and training for the ESOL exam. Please visit our help and support office. We provide the opportunity to gain work experience during volunteering. For people with problems and in stressful situations, we help out of financial troubles, family problems, personal relationships, and homelessness and addiction.

If you have problems with the fines; you receive letters from the bailiff, please do not procrastinate, we will help you to resolve the issue of unpaid bills. If you face housing difficulties; you do not know how to get a British driver’s license, or you need a solicitor, interpreter or assistance at the offices, contact us, call us, write and come; we are at your disposal, we want you to feel safe and comfortable away from your family nest.

We also organise many attractions for our little ones. Groups, joint meetings, balls, fun, occasional parties, talks for parents and grandparents on chairs and much more to bring joy to their little hearts. We are particularly honoured to organise meetings for our seniors; they bring a lot of good with their wisdom to our community. Thank you for being with us.