Growth of our little ones is our common future.

Our Activities

We offer professional support and assistance to people in need.  We organise courses and training for the ESOL exam. Please visit our help and support office. We provide the opportunity to gain work experience during volunteering. For people with problems and in stressful situations, we help out of financial troubles, family problems, personal relationships, and homelessness and addiction.

If you have problems with the fines; you receive letters from the bailiff, please do not procrastinate, we will help you to resolve the issue of unpaid bills. If you face housing difficulties; you do not know how to get a British driver’s license, or you need a solicitor, interpreter or assistance at the offices, contact us, call us, write and come; we are at your disposal, we want you to feel safe and comfortable away from your family nest.

We also organise many attractions for our little ones. Groups, joint meetings, balls, fun, occasional parties, talks for parents and grandparents on chairs and much more to bring joy to their little hearts. We are particularly honoured to organise meetings for our seniors; they bring a lot of good with their wisdom to our community. Thank you for being with us.

Service is for Polish and Eastern European people aged 18 and over from Haringey to ensure vulnerable people are supported to sustain their accommodation, preventing homelessness and so that they can gain better health and economic outcomes but also to achieve a greater overall wellbeing and feel safe and involved in their communities.

We provide supported service on average 2 hours per service user per week, with some flexibility depending on individual circumstances. We are flexible and responsive to the multiple needs of service users and service include an intensive response for service users who have or are at risk of disengaging from service. We support service users to engage with specialist/ statutory services which help persons recovery and support services users to sustain their tenancies. We achieve this through person centered risk and needs assessments, support planning and key working sessions with our support staff.

Our service also support service users to access activities to ensure the meaningful use of service users’ time and enable people to grow in confidence and independence, our support is up to 6 month.

To refer for this service please call us: 0208 3659090; or email:

Providing essential information about the client. We offer services for Eastern European people in Haringey mainly: Polish, Romanians, Bulgarians.

To be eligible for our one to one support office service, at least 2 of the following must apply:

  • Low-level health needs
  • Unemployed or employed at risk of being homeless
  • Inadequately housed or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • English not first language
  • Low income

We welcome people who are over 18 year old, and residing in Haringey.

We provide one-to-one support for a people who need our help, particularly with any life related issues. Our work ranges from:

  • Advice, support, and guidance for any council and embassy related documentation
  • Advocacy with understanding official papers, particularly in light of any potential language barriers
  • Help with any work, study, or training opportunities including English classes
  • Support for any playgroup/ nursery/ school issues for children such as applications
  • Advice and support on benefit related matters
  • Offering connections with our available groups as well as support groups to help strengthen our community

Our office support is primarily for Eastern Europeans including Polish, Romanians, and Bulgarians. Our criteria for support provision is for those living in temporary accomodation in the Haringey borough, with occasional exceptions for those outside Haringey, dependant on the situation.
Our services are for those living in temporary accomodation in Haringey Borough.

Connections with training and courses
We welcome every client who comes to us in any capacity, be it to our office, groups, by social media, by telephone, or by any other means. We would like to see our clients reach their life given potential and we strongly believe in training, study, and group learning and volunteering to further develop their gifts and talents.

We believe in the potential of every individual who comes into contact with us. We aim to reach and support the needs and wants of people from various social backgrounds ranging from families, singles, employed, unemployed, those on benefits, homeless, those dealing with addiction, and any one else who needs our help.

Polish Bookshop
we offer books in Polish – as part of book loan or book purchase.
We strongly believe that reading helps to find solution to various circumstances and there is good saying those who read – lead.

We are looking forward to connect with you
Let us know your views about our Centre and how can we help and support you and people around you

PEEC Familly Centre Team wishes you lots of encouragment and strength

ESOL English Classes at Muswell Hill  run by Rumunian communities – Fridays and Saturdays – Romunian community Centre – 2 Duke Avenue Muswell Hill N10 2TP.  Tel:0750 766 4577

English course mainly for mothers with children offered in different levels. We cooperate with local colleges to provide these courses. :
To enrol ESOL or get referral to classes please call on 0208 365 9090.

We offer regular newsletter for those attending our group/s  Mother, Father and Me, to receive our newsletter or any information in relation to your support please email us on

Play Group – Under 5 group

This is parental group for children under 5 where both children and their parents take part in play and games initiating by volunteers –experienced child carers.  We are running artistic table where children can develop their drawing, painting and other manual skills and book table for interested children as well as can develop their language skills getting in contact with other children. We offer group discussion for parents where parents can receive support, ability to ask questions about parenting issues, and take part in parenting/relationship active talks. We also have time for singing and small exercise for children and their parents/carers. We serve drinks and snacks.
Entrance £3  per child, 2 children – £4

Our weekly drop in groups are well established and have been running for over ten years.
Drop in groups are on Tuesdays from 9:30 -11:30 at the Salvation Army, 24 Lymington Avenue London Wood Green N22 (3 min from Boots on Wood Green High Road).

The groups we currently offer include:

  • Parents, grandparents, or carers and their young children under five years of age
  • Artistic activities for children
  • Singing and light exercises
  • Parenting group talks
  • Volunteering opportunties for parents
  • Volunteers training
  • Cultural events.
  • General drop in open to everyone with a Eastern European background including Polish, Romanians, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Russians, Latvians, Slovakian, and many more.

Call us to get more info :
Phone: 0208 365 9090, 
Mob: 0795 657 4274

Come and visit us at:
Salvation Army, 24 Lymington Avenue, London N22 6JA, every Tuesday from 9.30 am – 11.30 am.

check how to get there


Friday support group at Haringey Irish Centre from 12-2 pm – encouragment, developing positive relationships, building hope and motivational talks- please call our office 0208 365 9090 or email us:

Homeless and alcohol problem. We work in partnership with soup kitchen at Stamford Hill – every Friday at 12.00pm – 3.00 pm
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