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Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre

We are charitable organisation that supports people from Poland and Eastern Europe.

We offer individual support: help in understanding documents and procedures of English sytem. We help with matters relating to housing, we help in process of communication with organisations such as Job Centre, local Council, Embassy and other organisations and ofifces.

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Our organisation supports refugees from Ukraine.

Sadly, we have just passed the 2nd Anniversary of the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine and this conflict has entered its third year. As CEO of PEEC - Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre - I am proud to say that we have supported over 600 Ukrainian refugees, fleeing war and atrocities in the Ukraine. This has been due to generous funding from partners such as Harringay Council and the London Community Foundation. Using this funding we were able to employ a native Ukrainian speaking immigration adviser to support our clients through the BRP visa application process. Our support has ranged from advising on Visa enquiries from the Ukraine, to making BRP applications, advising how to find accommodation, opening bank accounts and helping access to services such as health and education.

Although the visa scheme has been closed, the UK Government has announced that existing visas will be extended for 18th months. This means that as placements come to an end, Ukrainian refugees will still be needing our support to find homes. At least 15,000 Ukrainian Refugees have been forced to find new homes after hosting arrangements broke down. For many of them this has repeated the trauma of having to flee their homes. Though our formal funding for our work with Ukrainian refugees has come to an end, we will be continuing to support them. So please give generously to our work.

Glory to Ukraine!

Special thanks
for our founders:
London Community Foundation
Harringay Council

Rules for applying for support

Two conditions must be met

  1. Serious health problems
  2. An unemployed or employed person, but homelessness at risk
  3. Undignified living conditions
  4. English is not the first language.
  5. Low income

We only serve people over 18 years of age who are residents of Haringey.

Under 5 Group

  • Classes in Salvation Army
  • Tuesday 9:30 – 11.30
  • 24 Lymington Avenue
  • N22 6JA, London


  • "Mom Dad & Me" we send a monthly with current events, tips and recipes by email.


  • Your child's joy
    Raising a child
    What is honesty?
    How to bring talents out of a child?


Embassy of The Republic of Poland in London POSK Job Centre Plus Bridge Reneval Trust Haga Causeway Lettings CKR Crisis Pret The Salvation Army Harringey Council

For people from Romania

Aici pentru toți românii

Cursuri gratuite de engleză Nivel începător și intermediar Contactează-ne sau viziteaza centrul nostru RCC - Romanian Community Centre

Adresa: 2 Dukes Avenue, Muswell Hill, N10 2PT
Contact: 0750 766 4577
Email: [email protected]

  1. Al nevoie să înveți limba engleza?
  2. Esti in cautarea unul loc de muncă și ai nevoie de ajutor in pregătirea CV-ului?
  3. Ați primit scrisoarea și nu sunteți sigur ce informații conține? Vrei să scrii și o scrisoare organizației și ai nevoie de ajutor?
  4. Al nevoie de completarea unui formular?
  5. Al nevoie să înțelegeți fisa ta da credit (credit file)?
  6. Vrei să te relaxezi într-un mediu românesc de socializare?
  7. Esti interesat de un mediu educativ (club al copillor) pentru copilor tau?

For people from Bulgaria

Каним хора от България

Безплатни курсове по английски език Начално и средно ниво

Contact: 0208 365 9090,
Contact: 0787 816 0755
Email: [email protected]

  1. Трябва ли да научите английски?
  2. Търсите работа и имате нужда от помощ при подготовката на вашето CV?
  3. Получихте ли писмото и не сте сигурни каква информация съдържа? Искате да напишете писмо до организацията и се нуждаете от помощ?
  4. Трябва ли да попълни формуляр?
  5. Трябва ли да разберете кредитния си файл?
  6. Искате ли да се отпуснете в румънска социална среда?
  7. Интересувате ли се от образователна среда (детски клуб) за вашите деца?

An information application that makes life easier in the UK

Peek Family Center cooperates with Haringey Council in creating an application which aim is to provide necessary information to people settling on the islands.

Below you can download the application on your device:

Haringey Connected - google play Haringey Connected - apple apps

Please get in touch and let's talk on how we can help