For Poles and People from Eastern Europe

Welcome to PEEC – Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre

Our charitable non profit organisation was set up to support Polish and Eastern European families, and individuals living in North London, mainly in Haringey. PEEC Family Centre facilitates one to one support for individuals in needs, as well as linking people with existing local services, and our group activities, (or partnership activities) such as support groups for women, men, soup kitchen, shelter accommodation services, ESOL classes and job related training facilities, motivating and support for individuals and families and groups through access to training, information, activities for parents and children.

To be eligible for our one to one support office service, at least 2 of the following must apply:
  • Low-level health needs
  • Unemployed or employed at risk of being homeless
  • Inadequately housed or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • English not first language
  • Low income

We can only work with people who are over the age of 18, and in most cases, people who are residents of Haringey.

Please ring us to book appointment on 02083659090 or email us to arrange visit, or make a referal.

Thank you.
We wish you a great, blessed day!

PEEC Family Centre Ltd.
Haringey Irish Centre, 3rd floor
Pretoria Road
London N17 8DX

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